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  • LS&Co. Global Employee HIV/AIDS Program

The Task:

Inspire LS&Co. employees in key countries to amplify the Levi’s® corporate commitment to HIV prevention & treatment.



Our Role:

Facilitating “incubation sessions” with factory and retail employees in 4 countries worldwide to understand attitudes and behaviours to health and HIV augmented by a South African consumer video ethnographic study. Based on the insights gathered, Matchboxology designed and produced “cool as Levi’s” health communications built on an interactive puzzle platform. A highly emotional short documentary was produced and distributed around the world to highlight the individual impact of the global policies.


Global scale up and deployment across the entire company’s worldwide retail, factory and distribution network.

What the client saw:

  • Non academic approach to generating insights
  • Innovative audiovisual and interactive learning across markets

What Matchboxology saw:

  • Innovative application opportunity for video ethnography
  • Ideation with international team to connect with global audience
  • Need for highly empathetic, creative communication


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