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  • ABT/USAID/UKAID SHOPS Project (Strengthening Health Outcomes through the Private Sector)

The Task:

Accelerate the health outcomes from 16 diverse Kenyan, Ethiopian and Nigerian health enterprises through world-class marketing insights and innovations.



Our Role:

Utilising Matchboxology’s Human Centred Design expertise and methodologies, our team spent a full day embedded in each organization to better understand the behaviours, attitudes and functional barriers facing clients, employees and management.

Informed by these deep dive immersion sessions, Matchboxology designed country-specific Marketing Boot Camps; bringing together grantees for two days of interactive exercises and insight presentations designed to enhance capacity to develop 360 degree market empathy and achieve better market impact through more sophisticated and tailored marketing plans.

Via our bespoke exercises, participants interrogated attitudes, behaviours and actual/perceived barriers to growing their clientele, developed pragmatic HCD skills and learned how to weave a client-centric operational philosophy into their organizational DNA.

By synthesizing output from the workshop with insights gathered from the deep dive immersion sessions, Matchboxology presented marketing plans and Actionable Recommendations Reports to each of the 16 organizations.

Organizations were encouraged to discuss and debate their report insights and recommendations with their employees and stakeholders. Following an incubation period, Matchboxology held in-market one-on-one sessions with each grantee to help them prioritize a basket of mission-critical actions with workplans for implementation. Where additional expertise and/or support became necessary, Matchboxology has sourced/partnered with local creative, design, production and activation experts to deliver.


57 leaders from 16 emerging and middle sized health enterprises trained in Human Centred Design Methodology and Techniques

2 organisations undergoing core strategic pivoting based on MBX recommendation

16 bespoke marketing plans co-created an implemented with grantees

Priority recommendations from plans adopted by 100% of senior leadership

MBX established satellite offices in Nairobi, Lagos & Addis Ababa

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