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  • Abt Associates/CONRAD/USAID EMOTION Project

The Task:

MBX implemented a Communications Development, Human Centred Design informed, pilot testing program for microbicide product communications and marketing under Abt Associates Inc. and CONRAD for Project EMOTION. MBX developed go to market plans, marketing strategies (including advertising and/or promotional actions), produced and pre-tested potential messages and materials across audiences, media and geographies, offering a public relations strategy and exploring innovative distribution partnership opportunities.



Our Role:

Success for Project Emotion is the voluntary uptake of PrEP by the highly vulnerable group of 18 -25 year-old women, particularly those who live in high HIV prevalence areas.

The project would like to assess whether designing an optimal end user experience and communications, based on the HCD process, will significantly increase correct adherence to microbicide products.

Matchboxology’s conversion process approach focused specifically on messaging content, media and channels to generating trial. In other words converting people from an Unaware state to Awareness to being Positively Pre-disposed and then into Trial use.

MBX used HCD to identify barriers and motivators for individuals/groups along the conversion process. We listen for what it is that people desire and root our messaging accordingly. In addition to messaging we also reviewed various delivery mechanisms such as moving the focus of the program from consumers (young women) to nurses.

While we focused on creating communications that will generate “Awareness & Desire” for the product, a central tenet of HCD requires that we also paid attention to the Viability and Feasibility of what we are asking of consumers and stakeholders.




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